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About - Collin Obremski


I like to craft simple, targeted marketing messages that reach the audience right where it needs to. I’m a huge fan of web and new media marketing as well, not only for its infinite trackability, but its ability to engage.


Taking a hint off my marketing ethos, I take the same approach in web and graphic design. For me, it always comes back to asking this question: Is this something that is obvious to the user that they’ll be able to intuitively understand, let alone use?


I try to take a practical, humorous, and “real world” approach to teaching and love helping people reach their educational and professional goals.


Music breathes deep within the soul and it’s a wonderful expression of passion and emotion. I also love being able to fuse technology with creativity to create something beautiful.


The great outdoors and wonderful parks and neighborhoods of Hamilton County, all things PC building and dismantling, smart home automation, mobile apps, movies & home theater, music, reading Gizmodo, pro audio & video, etc.